Complete confidentiality within and outside the company.
Advice on compensation structuring and Personal attention to employee in structuring their salary.
Payroll Processing and crediting employee salary accounts and Processing of claims.
Handling Final settlements, Administering employee loans and welfare schemes.
Income Tax - TDS Compliance- Collection, remittance, filing of returns and representation.
Issuing Form 16 and Facilitating employees on Tax and related investments and filing their IT returns.
Labor Law compliance - ESI, EPF, Professional Tax and other local law - Collection, Payment, filing and representation including handling PF transfers and PF / ESI claims.
Providing MIS Reports and accounting entries as per the requirements of the client.
Built in controls and Handling employee queries.
Representing before the respective authorities.
Creation and administration for listed and unlisted companies.
Advice on the framing of scheme.
End to end administration of the scheme - Grant, Vesting, Exercise, reminders.
Providing MIS Reports.
Employee query handling.